Been working out a new system for the engine plates i just got made - as they stand at the minute they stop me getting the engine u-bolts out, so i couldnt take heads off without dismantling the bike completely - and when i get my LSR i need to be able to pull them to verify record [the flame of blind optimism burns bright in my garage]

also spent a little time starting mocking a rough idea out for the supercharger mount

Pantherista Blog

i have started up a separate blog for custom panthers. Anything panther, custom, and complete is the criteria

heres the link: PANTHERISTA

With a little luck this can become a catalogue of great custom Panthers. VIVA LA PANTHERISTA

Panther Primary

QM from britishironworks has sorted me a treat - hes getting me these plates lazer cut for the primary drive on the panther im building at the minute. assuming i got my measurements right they will be lovely. cant wait to get hold of them - then i just need to make up a million spacers to separate the plates - that im not looking forwards to too much...

VintageChop Military Caps

In the works. Still working out details and waiting on getting my delivery date but should be available in a couple of weeks at a guess

more panther dress-up

So my dad has decided he wants a swingarm panther. I got back the stock rigid rear end i gave him and sorted a set of swingarm parts so now im heading that way. still loving the springer/4spoke but the shorter wheelbase sits better to me. the tank i robbed off dad too nasty colour with wrecked chrome but the shapes nice.


seem to spend my life putting clutches together. be it mine or other peoples - but at least this one is on the panther trike, and witha little luck its the last time, so that means its getting towards done - maybe THIS summer after i thought last summer would be done

ice ice baby

biltwell ice blue now in stock along with the rest of the colours that were out of stock - sorry about the short delay re-stocking this time but it was beyond my control

and while we are at it the new awaited gloss black gen 2 is in stock too

classy panther

builder of one of my favourite panthers, skeleton chopshop has another on the go and it looks like its going to be a beauty already

cheers walu

got an email from Walu in Rosario, Argentina last night

him and his dad have panthers - sent me a couple of pics and this has to be one of the cleanest panther engines i ever did see - looks great


dont seem to have a lot of luck with modern bikes - came to a stop in traffic and a transit van decided to plow into the back of me at about 35 mph. JOY


spent some time on the panther this weekend

seat/sissy/exhaust/bars and a quick rattle black coz the green was offending me

enfield butchery

had a visitor on an enfield the other week. i just noticed i hadnt put a pic up here. nice thumb size hole in the pipe so with a bit of jiggery pokery made the nasty shagtail exhaust off the pink panther melt seamlessly onto this icon of indian motorcycle history - classy eh?!

twin time

quaffmeister sorted me his contact for lazer profiling and got these plates made up. bit of fine tuning with a file and the engines drop in lovely like - nice and solid they are too

its the future

few odds n sods on the panther - lifes good