high exhaust

exhaust bends arrived this morning, a couple of hours in the garage tonight and i have a high level pipe [they are discontinued now] once i got my head round the twist in the u bend all was dandy. just needs extending and some sort of silencer building into it

trying to find somewhere in the UK that does old dragbike bodies so i can do something along these lines with stump-puller. i just stole the body off my dragbike to get a visual going on

what do YOU come home to?

this is what greets me as i come through to door at home. love it more every time i walk past it

happy st georges day

have a good one people - drink and be merry

On this day "Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life"

Cecil Rhodes.

motorcycle museum

dropped in to the motorcycle museum while i was up that direction last weekend
no camera but there is a ton of great stuff up there. including no les than 3 twin-engine bikes [hog slayer / pegasus & this lovely enfield] took a couple or 3 snaps on the phone but they are pretty poor shots. still... lovely machines though

Shauns Saltster

shaun already had the lovely Bobcat [here in yellow], now he has started on the Saltster. going to be a great looking little bike if the mockup is anything to go by

Panther jacket

i NEED a jacket like this... well beyond my daubing skills but man - way too cool - stolen from the Vintagent blog

home brew lettering

having Scarlett visit the other week got me inspired and thinking about digging out some of the old brushes from art college days and getting a couple of tins of oneshot.... well the oneshot arrived on wednesday so i had a crack at it - this is only a first attempt but its really satisfying to do. pretty chuffed for a first throw at it

ol' scratch is the panther m120 that will be for sale when its done

They DO come home

the BSA that was posted stolen earlier has been recovered - happy days, not too often theres a good outcome like that on these things. just a number plate and light wrecked by the sounds of things.

day 1 in the speed shop

just cracked open one of the new motors i got the other week. this will be the first hot panther lump that we build to test the theories on. i need to sort some external oiling and a few odds and sods so we were just having a poke and point at it after working on other things. dont you just love that smell of stale oil - its like cat piss - horrible. but the good news is the internals look to be in good shape. on this side at least.

twin time

and again with the twin engines... image ripped from the JJ


just helping spread the word...

This bike was owned by the same person for over 20 years but some scrote stole it last night... keep an eye out for this bike or any A7 parts being advertised... any info please contact me
The bike details are Reg TSL 120,
engine number CA7 4727
frame GA7 6363
TLS front brake, alloy rims, alloy head.


so this is why custom bikes get a bad rep i guess....

took this off a bike im stripping down at the minute. this is what was holding the brake anchor and cylinder!

it found its way to the bin pretty fast.

Panther Lego

Spent some more time this weekend putting together the panther that will be for sale when its done. got a pretty good idea where im going now and what i need to do to make it look a cool tough looking bike. nothing too showy just solid looking steed

Happy easter all