first bbq of the year on saturday - spring has sprung - ok so it was raining in the morning but dried up just dandy

the morning after

out in the sun with the chalk off - im more than happy with the results

sign written

Scarlett did my signwriting today and a lovely job she did too

Panther to sell

Started pulling together a panther out of stores to sell. This will go towards the twin panther build. most basic of chuck-togethers modeled by the lovely Scarlett

Sign Writing Time

Internationally famous artist Scarlett is coming up to my place on saturday to do the signwriting on the back of the trike. shes just done the latest DicE cover so must be internationally famous now - cool eh....

Panthers Galore

dads just been over to collect these 2 engines for me, one for the twin panther [the m100], and one for a panther chop [m120] im putting together for sale as a fund raiser for the stump puller.

This is the one

This is what i was looking for - anyone got any more info / pics of it?

Perusing Tinterweb

crawling the web looking for a pic of a specific old bike and this popped up there. its so daft i love it - enjoy

Spring Fever

Ok so maybe not spring fever but it was a nice day so we went for a spin out to a couple of pubs, put a few fun miles on the new triumph and generally had a grand day out.

nice day off

had the day off work - got the triumph its 500 mile service and made a crappy aftermarket rack fit. then spent some time turning up some bungs for the shovel sissy bar. got the bottom 2 all welded up and nice, really happy how its turning out. kempton park autojumble tomorrow. im riding down if the weather is half decent so will keep my eyes peeled for a cool tail light for it

bike safety

we should have this bike safety vid rather than the ones we get on tv here

think honk

bend away

bent up a new sissy bar this weekend for the shov. im looking at doing some europe trips this year on it, so a big tall unit is order of the week that i can bang my camping gear onto quick sharp and solid. next weekend turn up some bungs and make the licence plate / light mounts / tool roll mount etc and im good to go

dad got himself a panther too

Not to be out done, dad got himself a panther too... and isnt it a beaut!? little work and it will be right as rain for him.

Plan of attack is to use this as a testbed for any engine mods for the twin engine bike but this will fit on the rolling road so we will be able to see what we have achieved with our messings

happy days


just been messing with animated gifs
kind fun to play with - cant see any real use / point but fun to mess with none the less


after me stamping my feet and throwing a hissy fit earlier today - i get my new bike tomorrow morning... 8am sharp [apparently]

i went for the bonnie - too good of a deal to not do.

just cruising about the web i found these enfield pannier rack systems - too bloomin cool. just imagining all the crap i could tie on them [anyone that knowns me will know i load my bikes way down - they are my only transport so they double as shop truck etc collecting engines or whatever else needs moving...]

now just to get my bike and see where i go from there....