Shov Exhaust

got the new pipes sorted onto the shov. built in baffles so they wont be as loud as they look.

Before it became the trike project


Found the old pic of the direction it was going before i decided to make it into the trike. Im going to start throwing together the spares out of the back room and see how much of a bike i have in there - i think most of one... little cobbled together simple bone stock m100 might be on the cards in a while - a decent long while but it will store better as a roller rather than pile of parts...

and after...

And while we are on sidecars...

This gem is out of my old sidecar folder - no idea where it came from but its just about perfect.

leaner flexi sidecar

Now this has got the old grey matter ticking... an outfit that you can ride fairly normally...

Linkert Attacks


its out of stock briefly - worry not you engine rebuilding fiends, there are more copies winging their way over from the west coast to me here in sunny england. shouldnt be more than a couple of weeks so hold on in there.

Tankless ride

Took the zed up the road today after I finished the exhaust. Tank seal
was drying and I got impatient. Yes that is a water bottle hanging off
the bars for a petrol tank...

Stump Puller Chain Tension

Its been a think how to adjust the chain between the 2 motors without adjusting the timing - i think ive got it nailed now

MK7.584 chain tensioning system.

Fairing for the Zed

just got myself an old style handlebar fairing. i want the zed to look at home in this lineup in a week or so

shovelhead single

seen one done like this on a konsul but not on a bsa - very cool indeed. pic via

Triple Triple

Just found yet another cool multi-engine bike - WOW

Off the drawing board

its at last a reality not just a collection of parts now

got all the bits up to neil at NK Custom Cycles. hes done all my frame stuff in the past and is quality and charges sensible prices.

layed it all out in his shop its a big bugger int it... oh thats neils happy face holding the forks about right


what a difference a day makes.... the zed is now a runner - need to fab up the rear half of the exhaust and then get it an MOT and legal. happy days, always good to have a little tipple ongoing in the garage..

Coming together

Day and a half on and the zed is coming together. Strutted rear. Side
rack fabricated. Engine back together.... Not a bad weekends work all
in all. There's still a chance of having this thing done for the
dragon rally.

Tipple Run Flyer

Propaganda wheels in motion

Print it out, hand em out, stick it on your notice board.
Spread the good word.

Tipple Run Patches

Tyler over at lowbrow customs is hooking me up with the patches for the tipple run this year. he just sent me over a scan of the sample. looking pretty good in my book. now i just need to finish oranising the run itself...

FRC builder of the year

as featured a few months back now. jason has got some credit on his very cool twin engine build. this bike just looks cooler and cooler every time i see it - theres a whole heap of work in this ride - hats off jason

cyclesource builder of the year

Vehicle Wiring

wiring issues? worry not, top the smoke back up and you are good to go.

Snow Covered UK

Satellite photo of England under snow. Theres more coming too - happy days. does make for a damn cool pic though.



Sharpen your pencil and get it in your diary out.

9th - 12th Sept 2010

There will be a pre-night camping on the 8th somewhere, and last days riding on Saturday 11th with camp at the end. Same format as last year, it worked for me.

We will be doing a pre-run in probably March at a guess but the route below is a rough plan, few more miles than this i think though.

And this year we are doing patches instead of shirts - less hassle for me... no sizing etc.

Linky on the right for all the up to date info as it occurs

Bad day at the strip

One grenaded pro bike - rear cylinder blown off, carb danging, ripped kill cord - all makes for an interesting day. great timing/luck on the photographers part.

sit IN dragbike

what a glorious machine. dont know anything about it other than it looks bloomin amazing


i want one... well the govt deosnt seem to be able to clear the roads so maybe we need a fleet of these knocking about.

panther trike test ride

Panther trike test ride from vintagechop on Vimeo.

getting close now - just needs to be able to stop and some lighting now etc...